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Chalet Apartment in The Alps France

   Work in progress, concept design completed, final budget proposed, waiting for building permits.

   The apartment has never been renovated since its construction in 1987. While our final design created new additional sq meters (bringing extraordinary value to the property),  we intend to optimize the space with an "open plan" for the living area with a change of materials, and a much clearer and linear approach to create a feeling of amplitude. The idea is to find a bright and comfortable floor space, while keeping personal areas for family members, for example a "nook" for the client’s son, an additional relaxed corner in the living room, and the integration of the dining table with a functional and discreet kitchen.

   The objective is to design a smart, unique, practical, and contemporary mountain style space with a lot of character, which adapts to preferences and interests of the client. The client’s well-being comes first, a place where they can "Share, Relax, Re-set".

batiment exterieur.png
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plan mars 2021.png
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