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Chalet Apartment in The Alps, France

    This project was about “how to optimize” a 140sqm flat in an Alpine Chalet for a family of six. The owners like to entertain with friends and family, but also like to have some peaceful time. The space requires at least 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. The flat has an amazing south facing full glazed sliding doors to a balcony, with views to the mountain, woods, and river.

    Soon after we started no walls were left standing, all materials were gone. It was a complete renovation, from space planning to decorative details, going through the choice of covering materials, plumbing, electricals and fittings, equipment, and furniture,

There was no architect involved, so we’ve not only designed the interior but also managed the project. The project construction and handover had to be completed within 4 months. Project was finished on time and within budget,

    There was a special consideration for natural materials, for instance, local stone and reclaimed timber for wall and floor covering, wool fabrics and leather from local handcraft makers, to give a unique and authentic atmosphere to the space.

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