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     After graduating as a designer on textile,  industrial and graphics in the early nineties, Denise spent several years as a graphic designer in Switzerland and France.  Her professional design career then had a long pause while raising four children, during that time she managed to concentrate in another of her greatest passions: oil painting and photography.  After a successful painting exhibition in London in 2013, she decided to return to the source and dedicate herself fully to interior design. Since 2014, she completed several  projects of interior design around Europe.  In 2018 she graduated as Interior Designer from KLC School of Design of London.


    Over the years Denise has lived in different places including, London, Geneva, Hongkong, Paris and Barcelona, her experiences and exposure have helped her to appreciate and understand not only different cultures, but also styles, tastes, and personalities, but more importantly client’s needs.


   Denise is a French citizen but has lived most of her professional life in London and speaks fluently English and Spanish.




- Specialist in mountain chalet interior design.

- Brings new life to tired or old  interiors through renovation, while maximising space. 

- Interior design on new sites.

-From project brief to decorative details, going through zoning and space planning, kitchen and bathroom design, choosing the covering materials, plumbing, electrical and fittings, lighting, built-in cabinets, equipment, and furniture.


-Design of personal interiors with intention and purpose, space planning, functional space solutions, flexible space that allows adaptation, optimizing storage and surface.


-Focus on wellbeing and sustainability.


-Emphasise the use of natural materials, colour and textures, stimulating the five senses.


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