After graduating as a designer on textile, industrial and graphics in the early nineties, Denise spent several years as a graphic designer in Switzerland and France. Her professional design career then had a long pause while raising four children, during that time she managed to concentrate in another of her greatest passions: oil painting and photography. After a successful painting exhibition in London in 2013, she decided to return to the source and dedicate herself fully to interior design. Since 2014, she's had the opportunity to complete very different projects of interior design and to graduate from KLC School of Design in London, where she studied an HE Interior Design Diploma. `

     Over the years Denise has lived in different places including, London, Geneva, Hongkong, Paris and Barcelona, her experiences and exposure have helped her to appreciate and understand not only different cultures, but also styles, tastes and personalities, but more importantly client’s needs.

     She is French, but her mother tongue is also Spanish, and English has been her work and studies language for the last 20 years.


Costa Brava


The Alps


Email designs@denisehamilton.uk

Tel / WhatsApp  +44-7795310335


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