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   We keep the creative dream, we build on what we admire: nature, textures, natural light, craftmanship, spontaneity, authenticity, emotional and sensible design.

     Interior Design must be considered from an emotional and physical perspective, taking into consideration our five senses. Well-being will always be a priority because human experience is at the core of the design process. Our philosophy is to prioritise natural light and materials, handcraft makers and local products. Where possible, spaces will benefit from greenery, as others will shine with art.

     Interior design helps us shape our space into a home, one that supports our well-being beyond comfort and style.

     DHD services can go from renovation to new projects, from the project brief to decorative details, going through concept design, space planning, kitchen and bathroom design, the choice of covering materials, plumbing, electrical and fittings, equipment, and furniture. We can even manage the entire project.

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