We want to believe that a successful space is where the client feels well. We think that Design must always be considered from an emotional and physical perspective, taking in consideration our five senses experience, well-being will always be a priority.


      The multiple elements in a space, architectural or decorative components, must talk to themselves, they need to connect. An interior space shouldn’t be static, a dynamic relation in between volumes, textures, lighting, materials, colours and natural light should create not only harmony but ideally a unique and good atmosphere. The aim is always to create an environment where we feel invited to enter because is either welcoming or because it attracts our curiosity. Potentially a space that we would like to explore.  If the space is well conceived it might invite us to live in or to work there, potentially to socialise, eat or seat, have fun or relax.


      Our philosophy is to prioritise natural light and natural materials, handcraft and local products. We believe that  spaces would clearly benefit from some greenery, as others will shine with art.


       DHD services can go from renovation to new projects, from the project brief to decorative details, going through space planning, kitchen and bathroom design, the choice of covering materials, plumbing, electrical and fittings, equipment and furniture. We could even manage the entire project if requested by the client.